Audacity Workshop Review – Podcast Editing In Half The Time!

If you are like me and started from the very beginning of podcasting without knowing a lot about audio recording, editing, etc this might be right for you.

A lot of people these days are recording their own videos, music files, audio or any other kind of projects without having to waste their money and time. The surging trend to create audio on one’s own, within limited time and little resources, have also contributed towards the need among innovators to not only create podcasting products but also come up with tutorials and workshops.  These can simplify the task of video or audio recording process.

For those who have always wanted to make their own podcast, edit it and use special effects to complete audio recording process with great ease and no hassle can opt for learning the entire process with much needed help from Audacity Workshop. This is a course to help people, even those with little knowledge about Audacity, to get well versed with the nuances of recording.

What is Audacity?

Audacity is an amazing open source audio editor. With it, you can make your own recordings, edit, combine and integrate different audio clips with ease and also apply special effects.. The best part about this software is that it provides successful results in no time and also comes free of cost.  Unlike quite a few similar, paid applications that fill up the market and charge premium rates for their usage. You can also expand this ultimate tool of editing with a few plugins to introduce more functionality.

Using this truly incredible tool can work wonders in creating the finest podcast project. However, to make the best use of this fantastic tool, one first needs to understand the entire process. To do so, definitely check out Audacity Workshop.

What Is Audacity Workshop?

This is great for people who do not wish to spend too much time understanding the nuts and bolts of audio recording. It is best suited for beginners to understand the procedure to set up, record and also export podcasts in as little time as possible. You do not need any prior training to start using Audacity but just a few quick tips and tricks of this workshop can make a newbie an expert in very little time!

Take a look at this video by clicking the image below.  At around the 55 second mark, it goes into detail on what is included with this course.

What Is Included With Audacity Workshop?

  • A “Get Started” video section that takes you through all the steps you need to install, get a recording project going and more.  This entire section only takes about an hour to go through and after you are done, you should be able to create and record a simple project!  Note, right now, you can actually get this first part for FREE!  Just click here.  Once you click, you scroll down until you see a section titled “First 10 Lessons Are FREE”.  Enter your name and email and you’ll get them instantly.
    • Install Audacity
    • Setting up a new project
    • Project walk-through
    • Control Panels
    • Tool bars uses
    • Customizing your tool bars
    • Selecting audio sources and inputs (getting the sound from you to the computer).
    • How to record a new project
    • How to save projects
    • Exporting your audio
    • Working with wav files
  • A second video module that goes into detail about editing your audio files.  Subject covered here are:
    • Converting stereo to mono
    • Adding and positioning tracks
    • Syncing and locking tracks
    • How to speed up your editing time
    • Safely deleting sections of audio
    • Labeling tracks
    • Amplfication
    • Audio compression and levels
    • Keyboard shortcut to speed up your process
  • A third module that covers Steve’s own tips and tricks that he has learned over the years.

How Much Is It?

Click here and you can get full access for $50 now.

What Are Others Saying About Audacity Workshop?


If you are looking to get into podcasting and want to really accelerate the learning process in audio editing, this is definitely right for you!

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