Whether you’re an amateur or professional podcaster, it’s safe to say that you’ve already invested substantially into the production of your show. This includes getting the best equipment, creating the perfect recording environment, and spending countless hours creating content for your audience. But what if you don’t have a good pair? Well, there’s no better way to put this, but you may have overlooked what is perhaps the most important part of creating best quality sounding podcasting headphones or headset.

Best Podcasting Headphones – My Podcast Headset Recommendations

 ImageNameMore Info
Our Top Choice!Sennheiser HD280PRO
#2 Choice
Audio-Technica ATH-M50X
Runners Up:
V-Moda Crossfade M-100
Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro
QuietComfort By Bose
Shure SRH440
Focal Spirit Professional
Shure SRH1540

Top Choice – Sennheiser HD280PRO

These are extremely comfortable with closed around the ear, swiveling ear cuffs as well as features that help enhance user experience, such as a convenient single-sided coil cable, and up to 32 dB noise attenuation. With excellent audio and noise isolation these podcast headphones provide the best quality needed to meet both home studio and professional studio expectations.


  • They sound freaking amazing!
  • Soft earpads that provide a comfortable fit
  • High ambient noise attenuation up to 32 dB
  • Quality accurate linear audio reproduction
  • Optimum impedance ensures universal compatibility
  • Ear cups that rotate up to 90° and fold for easy storing and transport
  • A durable single-sided coil cable ranging from 3.3 ft to 9.8 ft in length
  • Weight without the cable is a mere 285 g

While these offer a great looking design, the finish on the headband can wear off over time and the padding on the ear cups is a bit thin. However, they are designed for long-life by making it easy to replace the ear pads and headband padding as well as the cord.

When wearing these, you don’t have to worry about whether coworkers or fellow commuters can hear what podcast you’re listening to. Additionally, the ear cups provide a nice seal that makes listening to music great, and they do block some noise, but they are not noise-cancelling, so external noise can sometimes be a problem. Overall, they have a number of excellent features at an affordable price point.

Definitely one of our favorite best headphones for podcasts!

Audio-Technica ATH-M50X – Our #2 Recommendation

If you are looking for something that gives the best quality audio output, then consider ordering the Audio Technica ATH-M50X. It comes with 45mm Neodymium drivers with the copper-clad aluminum voice coils that enhance the overall performance and audio quality of speakers. The following review will let you know why buying these is a wise choice.

Specifications and features

The MX50 headphone is made of high quality textured matte, which gives them a modern and classy look. With a large ear cup design bundled with cushion paddled interiors to wrap your ears, the product lets you hear cozy sound without any sort of disturbance. The trendy design and comfy fit are other features.


It is pretty easy to operate and use, and compatible with all kinds of devices including desktops, laptops, MP3 players, Smartphones and much more. You can effortlessly fold them, and this adds to its portability feature. Another perk of this podcast option is it comes with a one-year warranty.


The only con about these is they come with a higher price tag. However, you can expect really good audio output for a great price. If you can afford the cost, these make a perfect fit to any individual.

Closing thoughts

Owning a top of the line pair of podcast headphones is a must to enjoy excellent audio quality when listening to music. Better durability, enhanced performance and uninterrupted audio output are some of the striking benefits of Audio-Technica ATH-M50X. This is why most of the folks endorse these to any music lover.

The Audio Technica ATH-M50X is another great option for top quality podcasting headphones for podcasts.

V-Moda Crossfade M-100

People of all ages and genders love listening to music. However, some folks are able to enjoy better quality of sound than others. The key reason why these individuals are in a position to hear better sound is the best quality they own. If you wish to be one of these folks, consider buying the V-Moda Crossfade M-100.

Specifications and features

Crossfade M-100 is the world’s first crowd sourced, light weight, noise isolating option. The product includes the patented dual diaphragm drivers (50 mm) for separating bass from highs and mids. With the ultra compact exoskeleton carry case featuring the V-Strap system, it allows you to cherish clean deep bass, ultra-extended highs and vivid mids, fine tuned by industry editors and audiophiles.


The product creates amazing audio than many other options available in the market. The unit looks appealing and drives the attention of all. Meant to last longer, this lets you enjoy superior class sound in any given environment.


The plastic clips that hold the cups to the band often fall down and are susceptible to damages. Also, some folks think that the unit is highly priced. Despite these minor cons, the product makes a perfect fit for music listening at any place.

Concluding words

The above points make it pretty evident that the V-Moda Crossfade M-100 is an ideal option to listen to podcasts. Top class audio quality, durability and sleek design are some of the perks of buying this one of a kind option. Due to these amazing benefits, the Crossfade M-100 is highly preferred by music lovers of all levels.

These are good quality podcasting headphones!

Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro

Today, they have become an indispensable part of your life. An ideal unit lets you listen to not only a podcast, but also music, tutorials and lots more. However, picking the right one that will last longer might be a tricky task. If you wish to buy the best quality, consider investing in the Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro.

Specifications and features

The custom one pro is top class that makes listening to a podcast or music more interactive with a higher degree of flexibility. The product includes a custom sound slider so that you can change the sound as you wish at any given time. You can effortlessly customize its style by easily changing the color of the headband and adding other accessories. Ear cups plates and detachable cables are other items that come with the product. With new velocity drivers at 16 ohm, the unit is compatible with iPads, Smartphones, tablets and home studios.


The audio signature goes well with contemporary youthful music. With the right clamping pressure, it makes listening to sounds and tutorials comfortable. Most importantly, the unit is highly durable to serve you for a long time.


The unit is not backed by enough accessories. Also, some users feel that it is a bit pricey. If you have enough accessories and can afford the price, then this innovative product is ideal for varied uses.

Finishing thoughts

From the above headphones review, it becomes clear that the Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro headphone is one of the best podcasting headphones in the market. Better listening quality, appealing design, higher durability and comfort are some of the striking features. This is why most of the folks love to own this high quality option.

QuietComfort By Bose

The Bose QuietComfort 35 podcasting headphones offer comfort and flexibility that allows you to choose the level of noise cancelling that you prefer. You can choose to block out all noise, or you can opt to let some noise filter in which is helpful if you’re keeping an eye on kids or wearing them at work while listening to a podcast. Other features of these include the following:

• Wireless — Bluetooth wireless connection
• Noise cancelling
• Includes microphone system for phone calls or access to virtual assistant, such as Siri
• Adjustable levels of noise cancelling
• Compatible with Bose Connect App for more functionality
• Up to 20 hours of battery life
• 3.2 x 6.7 x 7.1 inches
• Over ear design
• 0.52 lb
• Litium ion battery

The Bose QuietComfort 35 are light enough to stay comfortable even if you wear them all day. With the ability to control the level of noise cancelling, these offer the flexibility you need in order to adjust to a wide range of external environments. Whether you want to block out all external noise or you want to just temper it down a bit, these work great.

These headphones also offer exceptional audio quality as well as easy phone applications. While there might be others with slightly better sound quality, the Bose offer the combination of quality with a number of other features making them a great choice for most users. With a long battery life, these are perfect for commuters as well as for in home or office use.

Shure SRH440

Shure has been at it for almost 100 years now. Up until now the focus was on microphones mostly. However, there is more to the company and with the Shure SRH440 headphones, they are about to prove it. There is a lot to be said about the set. Since nothing is perfect, lets start with the cons;

It has an incredibly solid design. The same with the headband. The ear cups are quite big, so no super comfortable fit to the head. The wire that connects the two earphones is exposed and kept in place with plastic clips.

Where sound quality is concerned, it is not heavy on bass – you might not pic it up on first listen though.

Moving on to the pros; The con with the design also turns out to be a pro in that it is build to last. It also comes with a bag – keep your new asset safe. The cord is detachable, replaceable and stretches up to ten feet! The ear pads are detachable and replaceable. You don’t need a special amp to drive it, a simple laptop would do. Audio wise, it delivers a good, clean production. You will love the mid – range and treble detail it delivers. It is ideal for both professional and home studio recordings or even everyday listening.

The Shure SRH440 will not let you down. The quality is great for the price and it comes with the Shure guarantee. Be sure not to miss the Shure.

Focal Spirit Professional

As a sleek and full-bodied set, the Focal Spirit Professional has many attractive features that make it worth more than a generic podcast headset. The French brand Focal is a specialist in making loudspeakers for entertainment systems and computers. They take their skill at filling a room with sound and condense it into a smaller package.

The secret is a titanium-alloy driver that helps to deliver precise sound. The result is a snug set of headsets that are able to dampen outside noise and yet also be lightweight and comfortable to wear. Someone connected might even forget they are wearing it. It is better to concentrate on the music in any case.

The only real drawback is the snug headset construction. It fits most heads well, but some people might find it uncomfortable. Because it is sturdy, it is not as lightweight as the cheap earphones. It might be a better choice for sitting with a laptop than jogging.

In truth, its jack piece is larger than what would fit many portable music players. An adapter might be necessary. As with any large podcasts headphones, it takes a respectable current to produce high volumes. Portable music players might lack the juice to produce more than low audio.

The impedance is rated at 32 ohm, and the sensitivity is high-quality at 102dB SPL/1mW at 1kHz.

Shure SRH1540

So you are in the market to buy a good quality pair of podcasting headphones, but don’t know about some great brands! Well, you are not all alone; a lot of shoppers feel blank when choosing the right headphone. Although a great number exist in the market, you may want to try the Shure SRH1540 for a better listening experience.

Specifications and features

The SRH1540 headphone includes an expansive soundstage for clearer, extended highs and warm bass. Made with carbon fiber and aluminum alloy, the lightweight design features the Alcantara ear pads for enhanced sound isolation and maximum comfort. Also, additions such as the replacement set of ear pads, storage case and an extra dual-exit cable ensures many years of listening enjoyment.


The headphones allow you to enjoy open and dynamic sound with warm bass. Additionally, these closed-back headphones present a cozy experience when listening to music. Above all, the product is highly durable and lasts longer to let you enjoy amazing audio quality for years.


Some users believe that the product’s price is higher. However, you get a lot of accessories and amazing sound for such a price. As such, it makes a good choice for what you expend.

Bottom line

Whether you want to listen to tutorials or music, having a top class headphone such as the Shure SRH1540 is a must. Strong built, amazing audio quality and vivid additions are some of the perks of owning the SRH1540. If you wish to enjoy quality audio uninterruptedly for a great price, then Shure’s SRH1540 is the right choice for you.

There are some other great suggestions on this best podcast headphones article.

Best Podcast Headphones – Why You Need Podcasting Headphones?

Setting aside the need for a decent quality microphone as well as something to record your material on, the one thing you can’t do without as a podcaster is a pair of professional units. This is obviously a must when you’re interviewing someone via Skype (they won’t be able to hear you without them). However, wearing these is also crucial when you’re recording a solo show or a live interview. Here’s why:

  • They let you monitor your voice: While you’re speaking into your mic, your brain is simultaneously processing the audio. This makes it that much easier to make the right changes to your own voice to improve the quality of your recordings.
  • Gives you more control over the audio: Hearing what’s being recorded means you will know when your voice becomes too distant or too muffled. This means your microphone technique will improve gradually as time goes by.
  • It’s much easier to make your conversations sound natural: Nothing can get in the way of a great interview like having to tell someone how to talk every few minutes. They can especially come in handy when you’re interviewing someone who’s never been to a recording studio before, since they make it possible for them to regulate their own voice. As a result, it becomes easier to focus your attention on the conversation throughout your interview.
  • Make editing easier: Considering just how much time it normally takes you to edit your raw clips, it definitely helps to improve the way you record to make the process much easier. As it turns out, the best way to control your audio is to listen to it as it’s being recorded.
  • Make the right changes when editing: They can not only save you time when editing your audio, but they can also help you go about it the right way as well. You see, with normal speakers, it’s often hard to pick out unwanted sounds from the recording, especially if the environment in which you’re editing has too much noise. This is where a professional pair of podcasting headphones come into the picture; they project the audio where it needs to be, allowing you to focus fully on getting rid of unwanted noises from your clips.

To say the least, you have no option but to invest in a good pair if you’re seeking to make a great-sounding podcast. Which begs the question, what factors should you take into account when shopping? For starters, the shopping process will be a lot different from what you’d do when looking for a good podcast headphone.

Buying Good Quality Headphones for Podcasting

You will be wearing podcast headphones for long periods of time while listening (mostly) to spoken voice as opposed to music, so it only makes sense to educate yourself before jumping in head first. And you can start by familiarizing yourself with the most important factors to keep in mind when choosing podcasting headphones:

  • Accuracy: Ideally, you want your podcasts to audio as close as it would in real life as possible when you’re recording and editing the raw clips. This means you will need to look for options that reproduce human voices in a lifelike manner. This referred to as flat frequency response in professional circles. When shopping, look for ones labeled as ‘monitor’ and ‘studio’, as these work better than their standard counterparts in maintaining a flat frequency response.
  • Sound leak: When audio finds its way outside, you will have a hard time recording properly, not to mention that people in close proximity will find it annoying. When recording solo, a decent quality pair of professional units should work to minimize such leaks to a level where they won’t risk creating a feedback loop. The only time when you should be concerned is when you play other sounds when recording your show.
  • Sound isolation: How well they keep external noises from your ears also matters. Still, it would be advisable to steer clear of devices with active noise cancellation, as this will only cause you headaches when recording with a co-host.
  • Comfort: Ideally, you want to use your podcasting headphones only when you’re recording and editing your shows. However, there’s no harm in wearing them throughout the day, or even using them for other purposes. Whatever the case, it’s crucial that you look for podcast headphones that feel comfortable when on your ears and your head as well.
  • The cord: Short cords are more likely to get in the way of your mouse and keyboard in addition to limiting your movements. Speaking of which, a coiled cable would also help in keeping the slack out of the way, so pay attention to such details, as insignificant as they may seem.
  • Portability: This is especially crucial if you plan to record (some of) your episodes from the field. In such a case, you want a pair that’s easy to carry around without taking up too much space. This makes ear buds a great option, but you can also opt for other professional options that fold into compact sizes.
  • Aesthetics: If yours is a video podcast, try to look for the smallest pair available, as opposed to one that sticks out too much in the open.
  • Price: A decent quality pair of studio audio headphones will cost you at least $100, but you can always pay more for better quality, depending on how much you have to spend.

Conclusion On The Best Headphones For Podcast Audio

top headphones for podcastingSome Thoughts On The Popular Headphones

In a nutshell, these are of utmost importance when putting together a good studio. Keep in mind that the kind you’re likely to come across at your local department store are probably not good enough. When choosing top podcast headphones, try to concentrate your efforts around professional-grade products.

A very important part of any podcast starter kit.

Other Good options For best podcast headphones

  • akg k 240
  • Skullcandy
  • sony mdr7506
  • Bose Quietcomfort 25
  • Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Plus
  • Grado – Prestige Series, SR80e Headphones

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