Modmic Vs Blue Yeti – Read This Before You Choose

If you are thinking to buy a good microphone, you will definitely come across Modmic and Blue Yeti. Both brands are a popular choice for consumers, however, the consumers are often confused over selecting one brand over another. Under mentioned is a brief comparison of Modmic vs Blue yeti. This comparison will clear the functions of the two microphones and help the consumer in making a selection.

 ModmicBlue Yeti
Polar Patterns
cardioid, bidirectional, omnidirectional, stereo
Frequency Response
100 Hz–10 kHz20Hz - 20kHz
Sample Rate
48 kHz
Bit Rate
16 bit
110 dBMax SPL: 120dB (THD: 0.5{af40a4e4318449abc3539eff46696b463f2375fb32906e8bb5b94fc3323aa3d8} 1kHz)
3.5mm jackUSB
System Requirements
n/aAll modern Windows and Mac OS, USB 1.1/2.0, 64 MB RAM

  • Modular and flexible

  • Noise cancelling and recording selection modes

  • Versatile

  • True plug and play

  • Get for portable use as well

  • Heavy duty stand

  • Mute button

  • Gain control

  • 4 pattern mode selection switch

  • Zero latency headphone input

2 years

The Blue Yeti USB Microphone

Blue is one of the popular brands in the USB microphone group, and the Blue Yeti is the product launched by Blue for podcasts and streamers. The product has been a huge success since its launching and many people have appreciated the high-quality recording of the Yeti and an affordable price tag of about $130. As a midrange model, the company has launched this microphone in different colors and has added more features in the microphone that are not available in other recorders in the same range.


The Blue Yeti has a solid structure. Apart from the knobs and thumb screws that are attaching the mic to its base, the whole exterior is of metal. This includes the base itself. They have also added rubber pads on the base, so the Yeti stays fixed on the ground. It has a 3.5mm headphone compatibility, and it features real-time monitoring. This function helps the user to hear the recording exactly as it will sound to the listener. On the front end, the headphone has an adjustable knob for volume control and two knobs are on the opposite side to function for pattern selection and gain.

The powerful feature of the Yeti lies in recording four different sound patterns. In this price range, most USB microphones have a single sound pattern and the Yeti surpass this features by having multiple sound pattern recording.

The four patterns are the cardioid mode, stereo mode, omnidirectional, and the two-way pattern recording. The cardioid mode is for direct recording sitting in front of the mic. The stereo mode is for the recording of music sessions. Omnidirectional records sound from a surrounding like a roundtable interview. The two pattern is to record to people sitting across each other. A single USB microphone with all these recording options makes it an unbeatable product in the market.

The System of Blue Yeti

Installing the Blue Yeti is as simple as plugging in the device into the system. For most versions of windows, the device is simply plugged in, and there is no need for any installations. On plugging the device all the drivers are automatically installed and the system picks up the mic as the default audio input device and everything is automatic. This feature makes this product a hassle-free microphone to use for beginners who struggle with installing other USB microphones.

The Blue Yeti delivers exceptional results for streamers, podcasters, and new users. The audio captured is as good as it can get and is suitable for Youtube recording, and comparable to CD sound. The sound quality of the recording is not hollow and weak as compared with other microphones in the same price range.

In Conclusion, the Blue Yeti is a power-packed USB microphone with a simple plug and play design compatible with most computer systems. It is a better product for the podcast and has four recording options. The device is as good as it gets with clear sound and versatile options for recording.

Modmic vs Blue Yeti

Features and Function of the Modmic

The build quality of Modmic is impressive and it comes with adjustable arms to control the positioning. The device comes with unidirectional and omnidirectional recording. Where the popular choice is the unidirectional mode as it eliminates the background noises.

The product is more famous in the video gaming groups due to the crystal clear audio performance. The microphone results are as good as any integrated mic on an expensive gaming headset. The microphone is ideal as it can be easily stowed away when not needed.

Whoever is looking for an affordable and practical mic input will find the Modmic a good option. The device is easily paired with all types of headphone and in the gaming world, the users are all in praise for this product.

The price of this mic starts at $43 for the omnidirectional version and can go over $80 for the uni-directional model. This is a basic mic and gives good output for users who cannot afford to pay thousands of dollars for pro-level USB microphones.

Which one is Better?

The BlueYeti is sensitive to background noises and people have voiced their disapproval for this performance. Many people who want to cut background noises to a negligible level, struggle with the BlueYeti. However, there are certain practices and with experience, the users of Blue Yeti learns how to cut or avoid the background noise.

Meanwhile, the ModMic beats the Yeti as it does not pick up background noise and if you are looking for a gaming or Skype mic this product delivers better results.

The recording is another matter to consider. Definitely, Blue Yeti is superior in the recording functions. With the ability to capture four sound recording patterns this device is as good as it gets without bringing in more mixers in the system. The sound quality is crystal clears for recording podcasts, Youtube videos, and voiceovers. At $130 it costs more than the ModMic but the price brings in a solid, easy to install and versatile USB microphone.

If you are a gamer and are looking for a cheap, durable and reliable system, a ModMic will make you a happy customer. However, if you are looking for more options, the ability to record in different styles, and take professional quality recording seriously, the Blue Yeti will give you better results and is far superior in its features and ability when compared to a standard ModMic. Both products are available online and you can check user testimonials for both types of products. In a straight comparison, most users have preferred the Blue Yeti over the Modmic.

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