Podcast Vs Blog – What Are The Differences?

What is the difference between podcasting vs blogging? To understand the differences between the two, it is important to define them.

blog vs podcast

What is a Blog?

A blog is a web-based journal. It can be a personal website with a .com or a free one hosted by a blogging platform such as tumblr, wordpress, blogger, and the like.

Blogging involves writing on your own web-based journal and publishing it for everyone to see. While most of the blogs we see online are written by individuals from all around the globe, blogs are also written by organizations and corporations to reach out to their fans, followers, or target market.

More often than not, blogs publish subjective content instead of objective information that can be seen from news sites. They are usually about certain experiences, certain thoughts, ideas, and the like. Apart from text, blogs also have video and audio content and they also contain images. All these media are used in blogs to get the message across whatever that message may be.

What is a Podcast?

While most bloggers concentrate on writing content for their blogs, some bloggers publish podcasts from time to time. The question is, what is a podcast and is it the same as blogging? It is basically an audio blog but defining it this way limits the media. A podcast is defined as an RSS feed with an audio component. This online audio file is basically processed into digital format by compressing the file. It is then delivered to listeners to their best podcasting headphones through an RSS feed.

Most podcasters use podcasts as a way to share information. Anyone can host a podcast. Your local dentist or baker can host one and you can too. Podcast content can range from educational information about various topics to recorded interviews with experts of a given field. Some podcasters also use this social media tool to hold online audio seminars or a talk show.

It is interesting to note that vloggers or video bloggers also publish podcasts for their followers.

The Difference Between The Two

The main difference, according to experts, is how information coming from these two social media tools are delivered to followers. A blog is basically designed for those who like to read about various topics or about the thoughts of the blogger or author while a podcast is a feed that people listen to.


Blogs are often read through a computer, laptop, and other devices while podcasts can be downloaded online. You can listen to it with your iPod, MP3 player, or your phone. The method of delivery defines the main difference between the two media tools.

It is important to note that they can be delivered through an RSS feed as well but a podcast is delivered through this method with an attachment often referred to as an enclosure. This enclosure has the audio file’s URL where the podcast can be downloaded.


While some like listening to information on topics of their choice, others don’t like downloading audio files and prefer to just read a blog right then and there. It’s all a matter of preference. If you are more comfortable in listening to information rather than reading the same information, you would choose a podcast over a blog. Both platforms have their advantages and disadvantages.

Communication Styles

The differences also lie on communication styles. If you love listening to others or if listening is a more effective way for you to absorb information, you likely listen to a lot of podcasts. If you haven’t yet, there is a big possibility that you would love podcasts.

If you like reading because you can get more information by reading everything on your screen, you likely follow or visit a few blogs. As mentioned above, it’s all about your preferences.

It’s not just about the audience though, it also has something to do with the communication styles of the content creator i.e. the blogger or the podcaster. While some individuals are gifted with the written word, others are more talented in speaking. However, it doesn’t mean that they can’t be both. It’s a matter of preference yet again and using the platform that a content creator is more comfortable with.

There are certain disadvantages on both ends though. Bloggers, even those armed with a good vocabulary have a hard time getting their message across especially when they are trying to convey a certain emotion. This disadvantage is often augmented by emojis or smileys placed right after a sentence to ensure that the message or the emotion it comes with is clear and easily understood.

It is important to note that while bloggers are more comfortable in writing their thoughts on a journal, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are talented writers. Like podcasters, anyone can start a blog. One of the disadvantages for those who are not gifted in the written word is having to deal with a lack of persuasiveness. Sometimes, their writing can even lack personality not that the writers lack personality in general but because they cannot communicate their message well. Fortunately for those who are not comfortable writing their thoughts on paper or on the screen and for those who have a hard time getting their message across through writing, podcasts are available. Anyone can utilize podcasts to share information about anything and everything without having to compose a long blog.

Podcasting is a great way to communicate your ideas about a certain subject and all you need is your vocal intonations and your sentences to convey the information that you want to convey.

Which is Better?

This depends on the content creator. If you are good at speaking, starting a podcast is a great idea because you will be using your speaking skills to get your message across. If you are better at writing, starting a blog is a much better option.

It also depends on your goals. If you are trying to sell a product and want to ensure that you can persuade more people effectively, you can do that through a podcast.

You can also do both so you can reach more people.

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