Podcasting Vs Youtube Vlogging – Which Is Best For You?

What is the difference between a blog and vlog?

Podcasting and vlogging, to the novice, may not sound a lot different. But to be honest, there is quite a difference between the two, and the one major point being one is in the audio format and the other one is a video. Both are content-driven but the delivery differs. As a result, a podcast’s application or usage scenario could also be different from a vlog. In this article, we’ll get introduced to podcasting and YouTube vlogging and get to know the difference between podcasting and YouTube vlogging.

What is Podcasting?

Podcasting is just audio – you can call it online radio, in fact. In other words, it is vlogging’s audio version. The word “podcast” was coined in 2003 by Ben Hammersely, who worked for The Guardian. People who would like to have their voice heard by the general public but are not confident showing up on a computer screen would find podcasting a good alternative route. This format can be used for oral storytelling, hosting prerecorded Q&A forums, interviewing others, etc.

For a podcast to be successful, you need a great voice and also excellent storytelling skills. Also, you should prepare well and have good memory skills. The ability to recollect ideas and thoughts and share them at whim is important. Podcasting is not for people who are not good at effortless and seamless conversation and cannot come up with something new in every podcast.

What is Vlogging?

The word “vlog” or “vlogging” is the truncated version of “video blog“. Unlike conventional video content, a vlog is more casual, entails little to no editing, and could be much longer than traditional videos. Informative vlogs are usually shorter, not more than a few minutes. Vlogs capturing routine activities tend to be longer. Basically, the content determines a vlog’s length. A vlog could be anything: a tutorial, performance, funny skit, review, revelations about one’s personal life, etc. Vlogs usually are synonymous with YouTube, thanks to the huge popularity of the platform. Some vloggers may even embed their vlogs into their websites.

Podcasting Pros

Growing Medium – Podcasting is not as popular as vlogging, but it’s definitely growing, especially with the popularity of digital platforms such as iTunes.

Free Expression – Podcasts are usually less limiting than vlogs, especially in terms of their duration. For an established podcaster with a sizeable following, this is definitely a plus.

Easy to Make – A podcast is usually easier to make than a vlog as there isn’t a lot of work needed to be done in the background. For instance, there is not a lot of editing to take care of. Also, as the visual element is out, work relating to creating a presentable video is negated too.

Longer Duration – The duration of a podcast is both a positive and negative. As far as the positive side of it goes, the length makes a podcast great to listen to during long drives, or while performing routine tasks such as cleaning the house. The longer format also facilitates in-depth storytelling.

Podcasting Cons

Limited Reach – Audio can never be as stimulating as video. This means a podcast’s viewer base would always be smaller compared to a video’s audience size.

Longer Duration – A podcast is usually longer in duration than a vlog. This could be a positive for people who regularly listen to podcasts and find the medium engaging. But the majority, particularly people who are trying to give a podcast a listen for the first time, would find the length a big turn-off.

Compelling Content is a Must – Compelling content, in addition to a good voice, is a must if you want to succeed with podcasting. Moreover, you need to be good at storytelling and the narration should also be well-thought out as there is no visual aid to chip in and compensate for any errors in narration during a podcast.

Vlogging Pros

Stimulating – A vlog is visual and therefore a lot more stimulating. It lets you engage with your viewers a lot more personally since the audience sees your face. The visual aspect goes a long way in helping build trust.

• Live – A vlog can be live and with video platforms letting vloggers interact with the general audience live, this trend has caught up big time. A live video has its advantages over a regular recorded video. For instance, live vlogs can be a lot more interactive and intuitive.

• Wider Reach – YouTube is arguably the most popular website in the world. This means a video on the site can potentially reach thousands of people in a short time period, most certainly if the video goes viral. This massive reach is not possible through blogging and also vlogging, to a great extent. Moreover, videos get shared a lot more than any other form of media.

Vlogging Cons

• Not for Everyone – The video format is not for all. Quite a few people are a bit too self-conscious to show up in front of a camera and deliver discourses. They may not fancy the way they sound and/or look in videos. And even if such people muster the courage and push themselves into a video, the video won’t come out natural and the awkwardness would be easily discernible.

• Time-Consuming – A 5-minute vlog could take quite some time to package and deliver, especially if it entails good amount of editing. Shooting is just one aspect of a vlog. Besides shooting, you’ll have to prepare the script, take care of lighting and audio, edit the clips, etc. For a novice, this can be quite overwhelming.

• Competitive Space – Uploading a video and getting noticed in the sea of other vloggers is not easy. There are a lot more vloggers and video content creators and the space is quite competitive. Again, for someone who is just starting out with vlogs, it could take some patience and effort to reap the benefits of all the work put in.


You probably know what is the difference between podcasting and YouTube vlogging. Both vlogging podcasting have their positives and pitfalls. If you’re not sure what route to take, look into your subject matter. If it’s more personal and in-depth, a podcast would be ideal. And if the content is supposed to be informative and short, vlogging is the way to go. Also consider how comfortable you are with the two.

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